Maximize the value of your cleaning contractor’s management and supervision by combining services. We provide a full range of services assisting property management, and building care…

Our motto is “We take pride in making you look good.” We conduct business with honesty and integrity. This is our motto, policy, and promise.

Maintenance problems that once required expensive service calls from a contractor or the on-site presence of a highly paid professional, can now be remedied by a trained business owner. We at PBC, hand select from our trained business owners, the perfect solution for your building care needs.

You may easily identify our staff, since our cleaning technicians and management are in uniform complete with name badges.If you want to make a good impression, consider us at Proud Building Care USA, Inc. All our efforts are focused to give you what you’re paying for, and keeping you as a client for many years to come.  We offer the following:

•Quality control policies in place to maintain consistent quality service to you month after month

•No cost proposals, estimated on fair, accurate and national averages

•Communication tools for daily, weekly and monthly contact as needed

•Well-trained business owners that specialize in your type facility

•Operation and customer service available 24 hours a day

•Month to month contracts

•Emergency services available

•All concerns handled within 24 hours

•Documented work orders with your approval and satisfaction prior to payment

From janitorial service to maintenance, we have the solution for you. Our business owners are cross trained and are professionals. Not only will you benefit from less expensive minor maintenance; the increased awareness and improved communications regarding facility problems can result in considerable maintenance cost reductions.

 The daily presence and interaction of our cleaning technicians and managers encourages more frequent inspection and the timely identification of problems helps to prevent potentially serious break-downs.

Call us today at (916) 714 – 5288.

Our motto is “We take pride in making you look good.” We conduct business with honesty and integrity.

This is our motto, policy and promise.Even if you have had a previous bad experience, please give us the opportunity to offer a complimentary no-obligation quote to demonstrate how we will assist your business in representing it at its possible best.